martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Tomorrow is Mexico's Independence Day and every time that day comes most mexicans try to find a meaning to being mexican, how can we relate to "mexicanity". Because of the way i am, when i try to answer this question i look for images and ideas that are both inherently mexican but that can also satisfy my need of elegance and pride. This past days i've been thinking of what is "the mexican elegance" and the pictures above reflect somehow, not entirely, my conclusions. I think Mexican Elegance is feminine in nature but strong and aggressive in character. I think of Mexico as a virile mother who could destroy you just with a look. Salma Hayek, Maria Felix, Gloria Guinness (who was born in Veracruz), The Catedral Metropolitana, a Tehuana ( the tehuanas here were photographed by Graciela Iturbide) all of them synthesize this idea. Mexico is a bitch to say it in a few words; but a subtle bitch. As subtle as a Barragán environment or a Figueroa photograph.

Mexican Elegance can be found in many other manifestations, it's landscape for example, this photos were selected so to match with the blog's main theme.

3 comentarios:

  1. Me encanta tu seleccion d fotos! aunq tengo mis dudas con q hayas encontrado d verdad porq te identificas con ser mexicano.

  2. jajajajaja how rude, but i agree with you 100%