domingo, 19 de julio de 2009


Lately i've been mesmerized by the idea of Berlin, i've never been there and frankly i've never been interested on going; but it has been constantly in my mind for some time now.

A while ago i watched this short film by Ridley Scott produced by Prada Perfums, Berlin looks so futuristic, sleek and cool, with this restrained elegancy to it.

Then this week through a preposterous "documentary" on XX century's architects i discovered Mies's Neue Nationalgalerie which was his last work and where, to my eyes, his aesthetic principals are the strongest and work in a different way compared to his other buildings. The manipulation of light and dark again makes me think of this elegant and otherworldly place.

On top of all this I just discovered that Oliafur Eliasson, one of my favorite artists, has his studio there...

Belin seems like my kind of place now.

3 comentarios:

  1. i want to go to berlin too, it seems like such an amazing place. seeped in fascinating history with a vibrant cultural scene. wunderbar! :)

  2. FANTASTIC FILM! me ha encantado, siempre habia visto los banner del perfum pero nunca el filme esta super cool, yy daria sale espectaular como siempre ..

    thankiu for the idea

  3. The Prada film is wonderfull. Daria is pure beauty!